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by - August 02, 2022


Fully Certified Rider Biomechanics Specialist and Dynamic Movement Coach 

- The only accredited Level 1 Ride With Your Mind Coach in Ontario by Mary Wanless, the internationally renowned rider biomechanics expert 
- The only certified Level 1 Franklin Method Educator and Franklin Method Equestrian 3* Trainer in Ontario (includes pelvis, spine and lower leg trainer) 
- Level 2 certified Centered Riding Coach Hello fellow equestrians, 

My name is Chantal, founder of Align2Ride, an Ottawa based freelance coaching service, specializing in helping riders develop body awareness through dynamic movement and functional biomechanics. 

Over the last 30 years, I have dedicated much of my time enhancing my knowledge and exploring various methods to help likeminded equestrians improve their position. 

As a multi-certified coach, I have the unique ability to incorporate a variety of specialized Centered Riding®, Ride With Your Mind® and Franklin Method® Equestrian tools, techniques and exercises into lessons, workshops and clinics. These methods can be applied to all ages, disciplines, and levels of riders. A combination of motivational, metaphorical and anatomical imagery, along with a variety of hands on exercises (including the use of FM balls and bands) are applied to enhance the riders overall awareness, experience and skill sets in and out of the saddle. As the only certified Franklin Method Level 1 Educator and Franklin Method Equestrian 3* Trainer in Ontario, 

I will be introducing you to the Franklin Method and a few key principles that underlie the effective application of mental imagery for equestrians. I will guide you through a fun and interactive seminar where you will experience and learn imagery exercises that will improve your concentration, encourage better movement and awaken your brain and body. 

You will learn how a dynamic approach to moving the body can prevent injuries and lead to better posture while riding. Imagery is a universal key to improving all aspects of our lives, not only while in the saddle. Upon completion of the seminar, you will be more aware, not only of your body, but you will also have the ability to move in a more efficient, functional and dynamic way. “If you want to help your horse change, start by changing yourself.” FME I look forward to seeing you in April! 

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