by - August 04, 2022


Kateri Cowley was born and raised at world famous Rafter Six Ranch, where riding everyday was not just a passion, it was a part of life. It was from here that she got discovered by the big screen, starting stunt riding at the young age of 7 for the Olson Twins and more recently Heartland-since season 1 to present. She has wrangled for many international movies and television with actors such as Brad Pitt, Charlie Boorman, Mark Wright, Jason Momoa, and many more! 

 Kateri’s formal training began at an early age with trail horses at Rafter Six Ranch. After graduating from equine college, she went to Texas starting 2 year old cutting horses for the futurity, then worked alongside liberty horse trainer, starting Race Horses in Kentucky, and in England with World Champion Competitive Driving Horses. Diversity is key to understanding our Equine partners. Kateri was crowned 2009 Calgary Stampede Princess where she travelled worldwide to represent the esteemed event. In 2010, she won the first ever Extreme Cowboy Race event held in Canada, and to become the first woman to win the Calgary Stampede Championship in 2014, along with the Extreme Cowboy Alberta Championship. 

 Back to her roots, Kateri continues to share western hospitality at Rafter Six Ranch in Alberta. Her biggest passion is sharing her knowledge with horses and their people



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