by - August 04, 2022


Bits - which, when, how and why? (Regardless of discipline) 

 « Watching a happy horse, comfortable and confident in its job, with a capable and sympathetic person, in quiet, clear communication with each other, regardless of whether along a remote trail or in an International competition » - answering the question: what makes me most proud regarding the many riders and horses I’ve trained. Bits are a critical component of that communication and comfort. How does each type of bit affect various parts of the horse’s anatomy? How to assess the structure of a horse’s mouth and jaw? Does this change over time? What are the vital differences between expensive bits and cheap ones? Why change bits (or not)? 

 Whether you ride English or Western, if you want a better understanding of the most often misused and misunderstood piece of equipment on your horse, this is the clinic for you! 

 Lisa has worked with horses and their humans in many disciplines, at all levels. As an industry professional connected with the some of the best manufacturers in the Equine world, she has the privilege of continually learning from leading veterinarians, researchers, designers, trainers and riders. This experience has led to exclusive invitations to give bit seminars at Spruce Meadows, Thunderbird and many venues across Canada


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